Mantic’s Empire Of Dust Available To Order For Kings Of War

July 5, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games have now added the whole range for The Empire of Dust onto their webstore for Kings of War. These products are going to be released in two different waves throughout July and August.

Empire of Dust Skeleton Warriors

As we covered in previous posts we took a look at these regiments which are a mix of the plastic undead sprues and the metal add-ons which can be used to turn these skeletons into warriors from distant lands. Above are the Warriors but they have alternative equipment too.

Empire of Dust Skeleton Warriors (Great Weapons)

Empire of Dust Skeleton Archers

Additionally they have also been working on the monsters which are called Enslaved Guardians. These warriors will be stomping around and smashing aside ranks of infantry with their huge weapons and ranged options.

Empire of Dust Enslaved Guardians #1

Empire of Dust Enslaved Guardians #2

I think of everything we're seeing here for Kings of War these Enslaved Guardians are the best of the bunch. I really like the style of the miniatures with their ancient Egyptian heads. The crossbows I could take or leave but the big melee weapons - they get a thumbs up!

Heroes Of The Sands

Additionally they also have new hero kits which make a range of different characters to lead your army into battle.

Empire of Dust Hero #1

Empire Of Dust Hero #2

Empire of Dust Hero #3

As well as the kit which will allow you to make a range of different heroes they also have a Standard Bearer who will be heralding the approach of them on the distant sands.

Empire of Dust Standard Bearer

Not bad right? I think the characters look rather neat but of the lot of them the Spellcaster is my pick.

Uncharted Empires & Warmachines

All of the rules for this force are within the book known as Uncharted Empires. This will allow you to run this army on the tabletop and maybe bring in some of those older models in your collection too.

Empire of Dust Catapult

Whatever happens I think that you need to add more swarms of scarabs to the big regiment bases that you get for their infantry. Imagine that as a scenic base!

Empire of Dust Scarab Swarm

What do you think of the range now we're getting a better look at it?

Drop your thoughts below...

"All of the rules for this force are within the book known as Uncharted Empires..."

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