Mantic’s Gobbos Make a Mean Mincing Machine

June 23, 2013 by dracs

This July will see the Kings of War goblins getting some love as Mantic Games have previewed some of the new additions which will be joining their ranks, including a particularly vicious looking new war machine.

Goblin Mincer

This thing is appropriately named the Mincer. With spikes and whirling blades everywhere it just looks vicious and very gobliny in its crude ingenuity. Hopefully it should provide the goblin armies with some serious hitting power in melee combat.

It is good to see goblins get something which can be said to be truly their own in design. The evil vicious appearance of the Mincer is completely different to the more crude contrivances we have seen wheeled out for the orcs and is a very characterful piece of destructive power.

This monstrous contraption will be joined by the three goblin heroes we saw earlier, meaning this July is going to be a good month for diminutive greenskins.

How do you think the goblin's killing machine will fair on the fields of Kings of War?

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