Bring Mighty Drakon Riders Into Kings Of War With Mantic Games

May 13, 2021 by brennon

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Fans of the Elves in Kings Of War will be happy to hear that you can now pre-order their new Drakon Riders and Elf Lord On Drakon for your armies. Mantic Games have popped these new PVC and resin miniatures onto their webstore for release later in May.

Elf Lord On Drakon - Kings Of War

Elf Lord On Drakon // Kings Of War

All of the miniatures are scaled to 28mm and are looking mighty impressive, especially next to the old Drakon Riders that we had for Kings Of War. The big Drakon that the Elf Lord is riding is PVC whilst the rider model comes in resin. I like the pose here, roaring and taking command of the battlefield.

The wyvern-look for these Drakons works quite nicely and there is plenty of detail worked into the different elements of the miniature. The Elf hasn't been forgotten either and is now looking far better proportioned and comes clad in intricate armour.

The Drakon Riders Regiment is slightly different in that each of the miniatures is made of resin. They aren't quite as impressive as the big Drakon above but they still look very deadly indeed.

Elf Drakon Riders Regiment - Kings Of War

Elf Drakon Riders Regiment // Kings Of War

I think the stalking look of the Drakon on the left works best here and I'm not as overly fond of the Elf Riders. I think there is something a little muddle about the definition in their armour but that could just be the gold that has been used to paint them. The lances don't look quite right either, at least to me.

I do like the Drakons as a whole and think they could be fun to see utterly owning the battlefield. Maybe you could mix these up with some of the Drakon miniatures from League Of Infamy to help bolster your Elf army for Kings Of War?

Drop your thoughts on the miniatures below...

"I like the pose of the Drakon here, roaring and taking command of the battlefield..."

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