Ogres Stomp Into The World Of Kings Of War!

June 1, 2013 by brennon

Well this was a nice surprise. Check out some really bad ass looking Ogres from Mantic Games for Kings of War. With all this hype surrounding Sci-Fi right now it's nice to have a little injection of swords and sorcery, and brute force, to keep things going...

Ogres with Sword & Shield

Ogres with Cleavers

Ogre Captain

First up we have some deadly looking axe and shield fellows with plenty of muscle behind them. Next to them are the folks wielding two-handed weapons just about big enough to carve a knight in two. I wouldn't like to bet on Paladin full plate standing up to that!

The Captain is also one mean looking son of a gun about to challenge someone on the battlefield to a right royal rumble. I'm fairly sure I already want all of these.

Ogres with Crossbows

Ogres with Rifles

While the ranged contingent of the Ogre release isn't what I'm looking for myself I reckon a few people will want those massive blunderbuss style rifles and epic crossbows with mighty bayonets on the end.

I plan to use the basic infantry Ogres as part of my upcoming Throgg monster army for Warhammer Fantasy but I might end up just buying loads of them for Kings of War too. Maybe I can partner them up with Dwarfs for a mighty alliance of stone and flesh?

What do you think?

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