New Painted Mantic Ratkin Previews For Kings Of War Fans!

December 30, 2020 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been previewing more of what's to come for those diving into Kings Of War and Kings Of War: Vanguard over the next few months. 2021 is going to be a big one it seems with loads of releases for those who like their Fantasy games set in Pannithor.

Swarm Crier - Kings Of War

Swarm Crier // Kings Of War

Leading the way for this little set of previews we have the Swarm Crier. This particular creature has torn its own eyes out after staring too deeply into the Abyss and are now used as servants for many of the Warlocks who take command in battle. I love the dark twist to these miniatures and it certainly marks the Ratkin out as a twisted and warped army to play with!

We also have this painted version of the impressive Birthing Daughter who is going to be getting ready to blast away those who threaten her brood.

Birthing Daughter - Kings Of War

Birthing Daughter // Kings Of War

These fiercely loyal individuals are high up in the rankings when it comes to a Ratkin army and they make sure to protect their young with ferocious zeal. I really like the elements of storytelling that we are getting from Mantic Games across their new sculpts which certainly makes them more appealing.

Herding the slaves into battle, you've also got one of the hefty Brute Enforcer with weapons at the ready.

Brute Enforcer - Kings Of War

Brute Enforcer // Kings Of War

These towering beasts seem like they would be hard to deal with during battle and I get the sense that they'd continue to fight even if they were covered in cuts and bruises from head to toe. I do also like the twisted "beard" this fellow has going on which is reminiscent of the Abyssal Dwarfs and that Babylonian style that we see in a lot of these evil tabletop armies.

Angel Giraldez has outdone himself once again however with some more of the painted previews as the team at Mantic Games also showed off this impressive Demon Spawn.

Demon Spawn - Kings Of War

Demon Spawn // Kings Of War

Why wouldn't you want one of these at the head of your army getting ready to decimate rank after rank of infantry? I think Mantic Games truly shine in their miniature design when showing off larger monsters and characters and I reckon you can see that in spades here.

Finishing things off for the Ratkin we also got a peek at some more units coming soon. Here are the Clawshots who have guns at the ready!

Clawshots - Kings Of War

Clawshots // Kings Of War

Set up a few of these at the back of your army and let them rain down chaos on all that come before you I say! It's very good to see that the Kings Of War: Vanguard force for the Ratkin can expand so quickly into a full mass battle army for use in Kings Of War.

There have been a few more previews here and there including a peek at new Salamander models and a tease as to what's coming up next for another faction in Kings Of War. Make sure to keep an eye on Mantic's blog HERE and HERE where you can work out for yourself what might be coming next!

Are you going to be building a Ratkin army?

"It's very good to see that the Kings Of War: Vanguard force for the Ratkin can expand so quickly into a full mass battle army for use in Kings Of War..."

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