Pesky Goblins Scamper Into Mantic Games’ Vanguard

April 30, 2019 by brennon

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Mantic Games has now released a whole load of pesky Goblins into the mix for those that want to play as these scampering greenskins in Kings Of War Vanguard.

Vangaurd Goblins #1 - Mantic Games

The current collection offers up a range of different characters for you to snap up as well as regular troopers to help bulk up the force too. For example, above you can see the stealthy Snaggit who will be hoping to trap some unsuspecting Elves in his dastardly trap.

If you feel like you're in need of some added muscle you also have these heftier Goblins, the Luggits. These fellows are carrying around some rather large weapons capable of bringing those annoying big'uns down without too much issue.

Vangaurd Goblins #2 - Mantic Games

I really like the sculpting that we're seeing here for the Goblins; even the older sculpts work out really well.

Luggit Card - Mantic Games

The Spitters, for example, are still looking good and could form the backbone of your ambushing Vanguard force.

Vangaurd Goblins #2 - Mantic Games

The thing that works with these miniatures I think is the fact that they've looked towards that classic Goblin appearance. The long noses, drooping ears and sinister smiles make them feel very characterful.

You can even get some insane Goblin contraptions over on their section of the webstore like the Wingit!

Vangaurd Goblins #4 - Mantic Games

As well as that, we got a peek at a stat card for one of the other contraptions which had been done up for Vanguard. Who wouldn't want to launch puppies at the enemy?

Mawpup Launcher - Mantic Games

I think this is a very fun new force for you to consider diving into on the tabletop, offering up a chance to develop a warband that would work in the narrative world of Vanguard before potentially upgrading it for Kings Of War proper.

Also, I reckon these Goblins would make for an utterly awesome new SAGA: Age Of Magic force too...

What do you reckon to these new Goblins?

"Who wouldn't want to launch puppies at the enemy?"

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