Pre-order Mantic’s Northern Alliance + Soaring Frostclaw Riders!

June 7, 2023 by brennon

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Mantic Games have fired up pre-orders for the return of the Northern Alliance to their 28mm Fantasy wargame, Kings Of War. These warbands of the North are heading to war across the realm of Pannithor and there are some fun new goodies amongst the older ones.

Frostclaw Riders - Kings Of War

Frostclaw Riders // Kings Of War

One of the new kits is for the Frostclaw Riders. Who wouldn't want to hang out with some awesome Dwarfs and their Ravens up in the mountains? These Dwarfs are made up of the Free Dwarfs that have felt under threat by the Imperial Dwarfs of the South. They have therefore joined this Northern Alliance and seek to lend their skills to the rest of the Alliance. Mantic really do a great job on their larger kits and they seem to have nailed the "monstrous".

Another of the separate units coming up as part of the new release for the Northern Alliance are the Ice Kin Hunters & Half-Elf Berserkers.


Ice Kin Hunters & Half-Elf Berserkers // Kings Of War

More outcasts have headed North and joined in a similar fashion to the Free Dwarfs. This set allows you to bring either bow-armed warriors or wild berserkers to your army. The Ice Kin are going to be raining down arrows from afar and the Half-Elves are ready to get stuck in, proving they are just as good as their Human and/or Elven counterparts. A solid new regiment for you to include as part of your army.

Northern Alliance Armies

As well as getting your hands on individual sets, you can also get started in Kings Of War with some full armies from Mantic. You can start small and pick up the Northern Alliance Ambush Starter Set which gives you a quick way to build up a small force and get gaming.

Northern Alliance Ambush Army - Kings Of War

Northern Alliance Ambush Army // Kings Of War

With a good crop of miniatures for you to paint up and the Quick-Start Rules for you to dive into, this is a very easy way for you to get the vibe of Kings Of War without diving in too deep. To give you a good idea of how quick and easy Ambush can be, here is a demo from the folks at Mantic.

Ambush Battle Report - Halflings Vs Forces Of The Abyss

You can also take a bigger leap into the world of Kings Of War with a full-on Northern Alliance Army.

Northern Alliance Army - Kings Of War

Northern Alliance Army // Kings Of War

This set comes with the Tribesmen, Ice Kin Hunters/Half-Elf Berserkers, Frostclaw Riders and the Ice Blade to lead them. A good mix of hard plastic core troops and creatures alongside a resin character. Not a massive leap from the Ambush set if you want to go up a level. You can go bigger than that though and pick up the Mega Army!

Could you be tempted to dive in and snap up the Northern Alliance for use in Kings Of War?

"Who wouldn't want to hang out with some awesome Dwarfs and their Ravens up in the mountains?"

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