Preview More Of Your Kings Of War Summer Offerings

June 7, 2013 by brennon

Mantic are continuing to unleash more troops and heroes for the world of Kings of War via their Kickstarter page. Check out some of these fellows below and pick out your favourites...

Abyssal Dwarfs Immortal Guard

Fleabag Riders

First up we have some additions to the Abyssal Dwarfs and the Goblins with their Immortal Guard and Fleabag Riders. I'd love to check out the Fleabag Riders a bit closer but I do like their mawbeast mounts.


Lesser Obsidian Golem

On the more monstrous side of things we have this twisted Gargoyle and the rather earth shattering Obsidian Golem. I'm fairly sure that Mantic are slowly but surely producing enough miniatures for me to make an army of Ogres, Trolls and other assorted brutes a reality.

Sisterhood Panther Lancers

Sisterhood Panther Chariot


Next up we have the Panther Riders and Panther Chariots of the Sisterhood. The Chariot is pretty neat but I wish the Riders had a bit more to differentiate them from each other.

The Elohi on the other hand are pretty damn epic. I like their armour and the big flaming/crystal swords. I think you could make some crazy elemental style warriors out of those for role-playing games.

Lady Ilona, Undead Vampiress

Last up we have a Vampire hero named Ilona who looks like the lady from the front of the Two-Player Battlebox. She has the flowing cloak, just enough armour to be useful on the battlefield and an epic sword. So, she's pretty cool I'd say.

Would be fun to see a diorama including her in it!

Which is your favourite?

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