Read & Explore Kings of War’s Basilean Legacy

July 22, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games have finished Kings of War week and are now moving on to one of their most anticipated armies. Check out the artwork and some of the details for The Basilean Legacy...

Basilean Legacy Cover

I've spied this poster in my local gaming store and it's nice to see it in it's full splendor without the additional text all over it. It certainly is an evocative piece for their new armies...

The new supplement in the works is going to focus on three army lists. First up are the Basileans themselves with their holy paladins and winged warriors. Next are the Forces of the Abyss who are evil demons and a complete antithesis to the Basileans from the sounds of it. Last but not least are the Forces of Nature who draw on elementals and nature spirits.

As well as the lists you'll also get expanded magic and magical artefact rules, more background on Mantica and the Kings of War universe and a snazzy reference sheet for use on the battlefield.

It all sounds very nice indeed and with the Ogres being a fairly awesome success story it will be interesting to see how these forces play.

Check out more on the Mantic Blog.

Does this sound like the army for you?

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