New Renders For Mantic’s Kings Of War Vanguard Shared

January 12, 2018 by brennon

Mantic Games shared some new previews of what's being worked on for Kings Of War Vanguard. This comes in the shape of an array of renders for some of the different factions in the game.

Abyssal Despoiler - KoW Vanguard

We'll kick things off with a look at what is coming for the Abyssals. This is one of their larger models, looking very much like a creature from DOOM. The Despoiler seems like a brute that might barrel into the enemy and crush smaller ones underfoot.

As well as this brutish Despoiler we have the winged Gargoyle. This lady seems like she has ruined many a farmstead and pulled guards from the top of walls as the main army charges through underneath.

Abyssal Gargoyle - KoW Vanguard

When it comes to other forces for the Abyssals we have the Lurker who is a warrior woman clad in armour and wearing a very fearsome looking helm. She could be the bad ass leader of some Evil warband for sure.

Abyssal Lurker - KoW Vanguard

Last but not least we have another female model for the Abyssals in Kings Of War Vanguard, and indeed beyond that the wider world of Kings Of War with the Seductress.

Abyssal Seductress - KoW Vanguard

If the final models for all of these characters come out as well as they look in the renders then people are going to have a lot of nice character models and more awaiting them in Kings Of War Vanguard.

Northern Alliance

Whilst I like some big monsters I do also love fur-clad warriors from the far North. So, it was nice to see that Mantic Games have also made some progress on the Northern Alliance.

Northern Alliance Huscarl - KoW Vanguard

Within this set of renders, we got to see the Huscarl (above) with shield and axe at hand. I quite like the look of the model but something about the spread legs and the way the shield has been bolted onto the arm like that just doesn't look right to me.

By contrast, these somewhat evil looking Ice Naiads are looking superb. The more alien look to them mixed with the way that they've worked on their ice weapons works for me.

Northern Alliance Ice Naid - KoW Vanguard

Finishing things off for the Northern Alliance we also have this lady, the Ice Witch.

Northern Alliance Ice Witch - KoW Vanguard

Whilst normally I don't like the idea of mages and wizards having spell effects built into their bases or around the model I think in this case it looks rather awesome. You could just imagine her summoning up this sheet wall of ice to protect her from the enemy.

Dwarf Time!

It seems like Mantic Games, much like me, couldn't go far without looking at some Dwarves. Here we have one of the Dwarf Shieldbreakers. This is a MAJOR update to the look and feel of the Dwarf models from Mantic Games.

Dwarf Shieldbreaker - KoW Vanguard

I think I've mentioned before that the Mantic Games Dwarves never particularly appealed to me, well, apart from their character models, but if this is how they can design their rank and file going forward I would be very impressed.

What do you think of this render update?

"The Despoiler seems like a brute that might barrel into the enemy and crush smaller ones underfoot..."

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