Don’t Get Within Spitting Distance of these Kings of War Goblins!

May 17, 2012 by brennon

Running down a week of Kings of War content, Mantic are showing off one of their upcoming units for the Goblins, the Spitters. Check out the nasty little devils below...

Goblin Spitters

These archers (or Spitters, what a lovely name!) are going to be in plastic and also be part of the new two player box set released in July. From the cover art we have seen the assumption is that this will be Orcs versus the mighty Undead hordes. I'm rather liking these cheeky chaps and my thought is possibly to pick some up to grace a dungeon with. They could make pretty good goblins, or indeed hobgoblins.

Will you be starting up a Goblin army in the new edition?

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