The Thuul & Riverguard Of Kings Of War Rise Up To Take Mantica

February 7, 2017 by brennon

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The world of Mantica is being taken over by more of the Forces of Nature as Mantic Games add some new warriors and beasts to their collection. You might have seen the images of the Thuul already in render form but now they're looking rather awesome when painted up!


Leading these rather wild and betentacled warriors into Kings Of War we have the Mythican above. With hands raised to the skies, he is calling forth some arcane power or another to support his warriors in battle. I have to say I was a little hesitant about the sculpts when they were first shown but he does look superb!

Of course, you're going to need some warriors to support him and that's where the Thuul Troops come in.


Spawning from the rivers and lakes of Mantica they are a strange blend of Halfling and Octopus, not something you hear every day.

Highway Crossing Frog

While not quite their title we have some of my favourite warriors now with the Riverguard. In charge of these hopping mad warriors, we have the Riverguard Captain.


These warriors are an important arm of the Trident Realm when it comes to war and while their fellows stick to the seas and oceans the Riverguard can come inland and watch the plans of other races unfold.


This was one of the units I didn't see coming but it's awesome to see them come to life. Each of them looks like a deadly ambusher, stalking out of the water to hunt down those who would trespass in their realm.

Monstrous Allies & Mega Armies

Sometimes you just need a big brute to smash through the enemy lines however and put the ambushing aside. That's where the Gigas come in who are monstrous crab-like beasts capable of snipping a man in armour in two.


You could have a lot of fun painting up this unit in various sea-shades. While they've gone for red and yellow here I think they'd look awesome in a purple or green to match the Thuul.

If you are interested in this force then you can pick up the Trident Realm Of Neritica Mega Force which comes with a whole host of options for the tabletop.


Has this army captured your imagination or are you a staunch warrior against these water-based foes?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Spawning from the rivers and lakes of Mantica they are a strange blend of Halfling and Octopus, not something you hear every day..."

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