More Warriors & Heroes For A Summer Of Kings Of War

June 5, 2013 by brennon

The weather might be dipping and diving around becoming Summer but Mantic have their sights set on an entire season of Kings of War right now. Check out more heroes and warriors for their fantasy world of Mantica...



Goblin Wiz

First up we have a bunch of comical bosses for the Goblins of Kings of War. The Biggit, Flaggit and Goblin Wiz are really fun models with the Goblin Wiz being my favourite of the three.I love that in an effort to be a proper wizard he has even sewn patterns onto his outfit.

They might be pint size but they can stick pack a punch!

Basilean Men-At-Arms With Swords

Basilean Paladin Knights

The Basilean's are not to be outdone however with a closer look at some of their infantry and cavalry units. The Men-At-Arms come with spears as we've seen before but also swords for some close-up fighting.

The star of this duo helping however are those Paladins. I love the big chunky charger-style horses and the Paladins on the back of them are pretty amazing too. I'm fairly sure I need an army of just Paladins.

Atlak Nakh

Mikayel Lord of Nightmares

The Twilight Kin have also got some heroes to lead their soldiers into battle. Atlak Nakh has a bit of the Malekith about him but he is a welcome addition to the Dark Elf cause. He could also be a pretty epic Necron Lord couldn't he?

Are you excited to get your hands on these Kings of War goodies?

Let me know below.

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