Twisted & Evil Warriors Come To Life From KLUKVA Miniatures

April 5, 2017 by brennon

If you're looking for some evil NPC characters for your next role-playing game, or indeed the leaders of a twisted warband on the tabletop then check out these new models from KLUKVA Miniatures.


First up we have Regneir here with his twisted and evil looking armour almost fused to his body. I think he'd make a fantastic champion for a warband of Chaos. The armour design and look of the sword are fantastic and you could almost seem him being done in a wet and bloody scheme to make it look living!

If anyone knows a little game called Kingdom Under Fire they might appreciate that one. Following on from him we also have the glowering visage of the Skull Knight to check out.

Skull Knight

Again, a great character for you to use when it comes to a villain for your heroes to face on the tabletop. I like the idea of him leading a bunch of the shambling undead like those we saw over the weekend from RuneWars.

What do you think of this duo, soon to be available over on their website?

"I think he'd make a fantastic champion for a warband of Chaos..."

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