Darkseid & Shazam Join The New DC Universe Releases By Knight Models

April 20, 2017 by brennon

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We're getting stuck into the full roster of releases from Knight Models for this month as we look at their expanded range of characters for the DC Universe Game and the Batman Miniatures Game. At the forefront, we have the big bad villain, Darkseid...


This fellow isn't to be messed with and could be the final counter you need to Superman on the tabletop. When you've got someone as deadly as him leading the charge for the enemy it might make for a little bit of a fairer fight!

The heroes aren't losing out however as they are able to call on Shazam to help battle these nefarious foes.


Shazam, for example, might find himself battling against the Parademons that have also been added into the mix for the DC Universe Miniatures Game.


These are the monstrous shock troops that are employed by Darkseid in battle and they will most likely feature in the upcoming Justice League films that are hitting the silver screen. Right now though you have these to add to your games, ready to start terrorising cities.

Gangs Of Gotham

When it comes to the Batman Miniatures Game and the streets of Gotham we have no Parademons but we do have the Falcone Crime Family who might be a little harder to deal with.

Falcone Crime Family

The more nuanced and interesting interactions of the world of Batman are interesting when it comes to the tabletop. When you see a Parademon you simply hit it, but you could work some interesting campaign options into your games when it comes to the likes of the Falcone Crime Family.

Alberto Falcone

Maybe you have Gotham PD coming to shut down one of the places that Alberto Falcone works out of only for things to go South. Suddenly Batman and chums get embroiled in a bit of a rescue mission where the Policemen and women are being held hostage by the gang, threatening to kill them.

If you want to get really weird then there's also Professor Pyg and his Dollotrons.

Professor Pyg

I think even Falcone and his thugs would raise an eyebrow to his strange behaviour.

What will you be picking up from Knight Models?

"This fellow (Darkseid) isn't to be messed with and could be the final counter you need to Superman on the tabletop..."

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