Elektra & Batwoman Join DC & Marvel For Knight Models

December 12, 2014 by brennon

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Two new miniatures we've not seen before join the line-up for both Marvel and DC over at Knight Models! This time it's two super-heroines in the form of Elektra and Batwoman...



Elektra is looking quite the deadly weapon and once again it's a shame that a lot of people have a tarnished view of her thanks to the pretty awful Jennifer Garner film. Still, a really cool look and the sculpt is an awesome match for Daredevil. Batwoman, or Kate Kane (in the modern set-up) is looking cool too and along the same sort of costume line as the Batman in Batman Beyond.

Ra's Al Ghul

Nyssa Al Ghul


As well as the new women characters we've also got the others that we've seen in previews over the last few weeks. Ra's Al Ghul, Nyssa Al Ghul and Daredevil continue to add to both the DC and Marvel line.

I really hope that Knight Models have something in the pipeline for Marvel on the tabletop as I'd love to see something akin to the Batman game for their line of Avengers, X-Men and Marvel Knights.

What do you think of the recent sculpts?

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