Flash & Arrow Expansion Plus New DC & Marvel Heroes From Knight Models

April 6, 2016 by brennon

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Knight Models have now added a whole range of new heroes for The Batman Miniatures Game and the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game on top of the new expansion called The Flash & Green Arrow. Let's take a look at the book first...

Flash & Green Arrow

This book comes with a copy of Black Flash if you pre-order it which is pretty neat. Additionally you will find a whole bunch of information within on new hero teams, scenarios, vehicle rules and more. Of course the real focus is towards The Flash and Green Arrow doing their thing!

DC Heroes Clash

Leading the way for DC we have The Flash who is looking fantastic here in the middle of a storming run. I wouldn't like to attempt painting those lines of yellow lightning across his suit however but I hope they're marked on the model.

The Flash

I think they've done a good job of giving Flash that cheeky chap expression to fit in with his character.

Following on from him we have the rather insane looking Professor Zoom. I have to say I don't think that DC really worked out the best way to name their superheroes and villains but let's check out the model.

Professor Zoom

This chap is a super villain that can go up against the speed of Flash. He has many of the same powers that the other speedsters have and can actually travel in time much like The Flash eventually learns to do. Yes, he runs that fast.

Next up we turn our eye towards one of the characters from the upcoming film, Suicide Squad. Here we have Deadshot.


Deadshot has no superpowers of his own but he boasts that he has never missed a shot. He is a dead eye with skill in hand to hand combat as well making him a dangerous foe. He will be played by Will Smith in the upcoming film which I think is going to be awesome.

Next up we head to the skies with not Hawkgirl but Hawkman. All I can imagine in my mind is the sound of Brian Blessed shouting from the heavens as this chap descends into battle.


This chap wears an Nth Metal suit which allows him to defy gravity and fly. The wings on his back give him control over his movement but away from that he has no exceptional powers as such. He is stronger than normal and a proficient fighter however, using medieval weapons like the mace you see here.

Continuing with the strange naming theme surrounding heroes in the DC universe we have Captain Boomerang.

Captain Boomerang

As you might imagine, he does indeed throw an array of boomerangs at his enemies. His options include a few different types including the likes of explosive devices and electrified ones too. Almost mirroring Gambit from the Marvel universe he also at one time had the ability to create them out of energy but that ability has now gone.

Boomerang is however a member of the Suicide Squad and you might find he adds another interesting element to your team.

Animated Batgirl

Finally for the roster of DC heroes this month we also have the Animated Series version of Batgirl who is looking fantastic once again. Knight Models have really hit it out of the park with these sculpts.


Credit certainly goes to whoever painted up this model as well. I think they did a great job with the shading and really made it feel like she's jumping right out of the TV screen.

I Am Groot...and Gambit!

Following on the footsteps of DC we have two of the most awaited heroes for the Marvel Universe Game line-up. Heading things up we have the fantastic Groot who is probably going to find his way into the midst of every Guardians of the Galaxy side now.


He was a fantastic character in the film and I think the model looks great too. You almost want to find a way to sit Rocket Raccoon on his arm with gun blazing.

The X-Men were also crying out for this chap, Gambit. The card shark from the south has arrived...


While I'm a big fan of Wolverine and he probably is my favourite of the X-Men I do have a soft spot for both Gambit here and Iceman. An awesome pose here with the cards ready to throw and fighting stick held at the ready.

Batman & Joker Dice

Last but not least we should point out some of the new accessories that Knight Models have added to their webstore. We have two sets of dice here, themed after Batman and The Joker.

Batman Dice Set

As you can see they feature a number of different designs allowing you to play with some nicely themed dice. I much prefer the look of The Joker set simply by virtue of the colour choices and designs.

Joker Dice Set

What will you be picking up from this months bumper release schedule?

Drop your thoughts below!

"I much prefer the look of The Joker Dice Set simply by virtue of the colour choices and designs..."

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