Holy Smokes Batman! It’s Your Miniatures Game!

September 26, 2012 by brennon

Knight Models have teased us with an interesting prospect. A Batman Miniatures Game! Check out the teaser image below and start your speculation for this one!

Batman Miniatures Game

There has been a 35mm miniature out there for a while now which is potentially the start of the collection. Here is the Dark Knight looking as angry as ever...

35mm Dark Knight

So a Batman Miniatures Game that isn't based on Heroclix? This has the potential to be very, very cool! So how many arguments are going to erupt over who exactly plays as Batman?

Knight Models are the creators of some incredibly pieces that are great for collectors and painters alike. Some of their Lord of the Rings range have made me rather weak at the knees!

Are you interested in a Batman miniatures game?

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