The Joker Shows His Face At Knight Models

October 30, 2012 by brennon

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Knight Models are showing off more from the Batman Miniatures Game. Below is The Jokers crew, still taking a very sneak preview viewpoint to things, but none the less the miniatures are looking great...

The Joker - Batman Miniatures Game

You can see The Joker, Harley Quinn and two of the henchmen that should be making an appearance on the table top. These previews are all pointing towards a good looking game at least.

From scouring the internet it seems like each of the major personalities in the Batman world will play the role of 'Bosses'. These bosses will then hire lackeys or sidekicks (less influential characters) to create their warband. The game then plays a little like Warmachine or Infinity with activation tokens being spent on various miniatures to enact their plans.

There will also be injury, recovery and hopefully a progression system!

Are you looking forwards to the rules?

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