New Knight Models Heroes Of DC & Marvel Duke It Out!

June 13, 2014 by brennon

Knight Models have a whole host of additional DC and Marvel heroes for you to check out. It's not just the modern interpretations of Batman and Superman that come to our minds when we think of the caped crusader and the alien saviour of Earth.

Adam West Batman


First up we have those two DC icons. The first is the Adam West interpretation of Batman so if you're planning to do a bit of old school thwacking and boffing on the tabletop he would be just right. As well as that we have the Jim Lee version of Superman, a rather iconic style.

Damian Wayne

As well as Batman and Superman we have Damian Wayne stepping into the shoes of Robin and looking like a bit of a skater boy come yob in this suit. The son of Bruce and Talia he took up the mantle of the Robin at a very young age.



Marvel aren't to be outdone of course either with Cyclops coming to blast his way through hordes of deadly mutants and Thing powering up to do some clobbering. I actually quite like both of these miniatures and although Cyclops always seemed like a bit of a wet blanket to me the design of him above looks pretty ace.

What will you be picking up?

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