Knight Models Release New Bat-Boxes To Get You Stuck In

February 20, 2019 by brennon

Knight Models has released a new set of Bat-Box products which give you a quick and easy way to get into their Batman Miniatures Game. The first of these is Bane: Venom Overdrive.

Bat Box Bane Venom Overdrive - Knight Models

Each of the sets comes with the miniatures for the relevant faction alongside some Quick Start rules for playing them on the tabletop. You will also get a guide as to how to take advantage of your new hero or villain and make the most of them in a skirmish.

The Militia Invasion Force comes with the Arkham Knight himself alongside Scarecrow from the last in the Batman video game series.

Bat Box Militia Invasion Force - Knight Models

Whilst we also have more classic villains from the Batman universe including The Penguin and his Crimelord Bat-Box.

Bat Box The Penguin Crime Lord - Knight Models

I think one of the best sets from the collection is actually The Court Of Owls: Talon's Night set which introduces some of the most dangerous enemies Batman ever came up against.

Bat Box The Court Of Owls Talons Night - Knight Models

I am still adamant that if they were going to look at bringing Batman back to the silver screen (which they look to be doing in the near future) they should just use this storyline and explore Batman having to deal with these brutal killers.

Talking of brutal killers we also have The League Of Assassins: Demon's Heir which introduces Talia Al Ghul into the mix.

Bat BoxThe League Of Assassins Demons Heir - Knight Models

I like this approach from Knight Models as they try and make it a lot easier for you to dive into their game. I think as a whole it has suffered from some stumbling blocks over the years but the change in the material that they used for their models plus a much clearer structure for the rules and such made for steps in the right direction.

Are you tempted by one of these sets?

"You will also get a guide as to how to take advantage of your new hero or villain and make the most of them in a skirmish..."

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