Look On Knight Models’ Ozymandias Ye Mighty And Despair!

March 8, 2014 by brennon

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It's not just the Marvel Universe getting a look in from Knight Models at the moment. The world of Gotham with Two Face's Gang and the ever impressive Ozymandias from Watchmen are also taking to their 35mm scale streets.


As you can see this purple cloaked superhero comes in the standard 35mm scale that we've come to know and love from Knight Models. I have had a chance to see some of their models for the various ranges up close and they are insanely well detailed. If you like the world of Watchmen then this is an awesome addition to the collection.

Two Face's Gang Set I

On the flip side of the coin (see what I did there) we have Two Face's Gang Set I which provides you with a couple more enemies for Batman and Robin to beat into a pulp and send to Arkham. I always wonder why they bother with that prison considering the amount of times it get's overtaken and overrun.

Overall some nice additions on top of the emerging Marvel line so get stuck in and add to your comic book collections I say!

Will you be picking up Ozymandias?

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