Knight Models Tease The Coming Of The Punisher!

August 19, 2014 by brennon

Knight Models have continued with their trend of little teasers and it looks like Frank Castle himself, The Punisher, is coming in miniature form!


The Punisher has had a varied history in comic books, video games and films. The film versions I've seen include the less than successful version with Thomas Jane and John Travolta and the much better (in my opinion) film with Ray Stevenson, Punisher: War Zone. There was also a short movie done by Thomas Jane that appeared on Youtube which was a neat little plug for Frank Castle.

Punisher (2010)

He's certainly one of those iconic anti-heroes and it will be interesting to see which version of Punisher they go for. Could it be this version above from a few years ago?

Hopefully we won't have long to wait!

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