Mighty Thanos & A Host Of New DC Heroes From Knight Models!

November 12, 2014 by brennon

Knight Models have released more than the rather odd choice of Speedy this month. As well as this partner to Green Arrow we have the coming of Black Canary and Lobo for DC and in the Marvel camp it's the mighty Thanos himself...


Black Canary


So not only do you have the cap wearing sidekick to Green Arrow but also the sonic screaming Black Canary who in true DC and Gotham style doesn't have much in the way of super powers but she's a mean martial artist much like Batman. Lobo is rather awesome though and takes the prize for coolest sculpt of the month I reckon. As an alien bounty hunter and mercenary I don't suppose you can get much of an off the wall challenge for Batman.


On the Marvel side of things we have their sculpt of Thanos who is quite the talking point considering his appearance in The Avengers films and more besides. The stance he's been sculpted in would be perfect for tweaking into an Infinity Gauntlet pose actually if you wanted to give him more of a movie look. Might want to lose the blue and yellow too!

Gargoyle Set II

Dumpster Set

Construction Set

In terms of scenery the Knight Models crew have also put together a few more interesting packs. Not only do you have some Dumpsters and Construction Scatter Terrain to hide behind while gunfire rattles off the walls but also a cool Gargoyle for Batman to perch on looking all moody.

What will you be getting?

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