Oakenshield & Galadriel Take Shape From Knight Models

December 31, 2013 by brennon

Knight Models have added a bust of Thorin Oakenshield and Galadriel in 35mm to their store and given them a lick of paint as well. See what you think of these new Middle-Earth models.

Thorin Oakenshield Bust

Galadriel 35mm

The Galadriel model is looking as good as before and I think they have done pretty darn well on the paint job too. While Thorin is also good looking I would have loved to see him as a model rather than as a bust. Shame really, but I assume a 35mm figure is on the way soon enough.

I hope that we're going to be seeing one or two models for The Hobbit coming out every month from now on, but there is also the Batman game to consider too.

Keep it up Knight Models!

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