Ready Wands As Knight Models Reprint Harry Potter Core Set

July 10, 2019 by dracs

Knight Models have announced that they are going to be releasing a reprint (or re-edition as they have called it) of the core set for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.

This core set provides everything you need to bring the Wizarding World film franchise to the tabletop, including a rulebook, double-sided gameboards, various cards, dice; and thirteen resin miniatures, featuring Harry Potter, Ron Weasely, Hermione Granger, and the villainous Death Eaters.

It is important to note that this isn't an entirely new edition of the game, but rather a re-print of the core set. The rules are the same and the components are entirely compatible with the game's previous releases.

However, a lot of the components have received an update. The game's cardboard components, such as its gameboards and tokens, have all been given an overhaul, including the addition of cardboard markers for the different characters should you prefer to use them rather than the minis.

The models have also received an update, with new and improved resin.

This is a welcome improvement as, while Knight Models resin models are absolutely beautiful sculpts, the resin could sometimes prove a bit brittle, so this should hopefully give us some more robust playing pieces.

This re-print will give players who missed it the first time around the chance to try out the game for themselves, as well as pick up some great models that have proven a hit with even non-gamer Potterheads.

The set is going up for pre-order on the 16th of July.

What has your experience with the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game been like? 

"Knight Models resin models are absolutely beautiful sculpts."

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