Rocket Raccoon & New Batman Crews Hit From Knight Models!

August 27, 2015 by brennon

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A big new wave of miniatures have popped up from Knight Models for the Batman Miniatures Game and their Marvel Universe collection. Kicking things off for Batman we have The Riddler and his crew alongside Hugo Strange and some additional Thugs.

Crime Pays...

The Riddler kit will be familiar to fans of the new Arkham Knight video game that came out a few months ago on consoles. Hugo Strange also showed up in the game series in Arkham City. Both of them come with Henchmen both mechanical and muscle.

The Riddler & Bot Army

Hugo Strange & Inmates

I think the characters for both of these sets are great even if it's not the image of The Riddler most people are used to. The Inmates for Hugo Strange however are much cooler models when standing next to the Bots. I still can't see myself liking them I'm afraid.

Burly Henchmen

Keeping up the theme of criminal gangs we've got a look at two new sets of Henchmen for the gangs of Gotham. Both Harley Quinn's Thugs and Riddler's Bots have popped up lending extra support to these gangs in the game.

Harley's Thugs #1

Riddler's Bots #1

Harley's Thugs, while odd to look at in their strange skin-tight get-ups, are very good representations of the regular mooks in the video game. I think the chap with the massive wrench is great!

Friend Or Foe?

Batman has plenty of foes that turn out to be friends and many more friends who turn out to be the exact opposite. With that in mind it seems fitting for them to release both Red Hood and Azrael to either aid or fight against The Dark Knight.

Red Hood


Azrael is all kinds of awesome and I don't think anyone would have qualms about adding him to their collection. Red Hood has also been nailed in his Arkham Knight guise with the cool leather jacket. I'm a sucker for cowls and capes on miniatures so these two have got my attention.

Pint Sized Guardian

In Marvel news the team at Knight Models have also released a miniature for Rocket Raccoon of Guardians of the Galaxy fame. If he's hitting the tabletop I'm sure that the rest of his motley crew won't be far behind in future monthly releases.

Rocket Raccoon

I think they've captured the bad ass look of Rocket Raccoon pretty well there with HUGE rifle and pistol in hand ready to race around the galaxy blasting his enemies. It's nice to see the Marvel-verse still getting a look in.

Call The Bat

Last but not least Knight Models have added a new piece of terrain to their line-up. The Bat Signal here below comes in high quality MDF and an additional plastic insert that you can use for the lens of this big ol' light.

Bat Signal

Gotham is growing slowly but surely from Knight Models and as well as the models they have added plenty of terrain to make it all mesh together nicely. I think this is a neat piece of design and I like the addition of the plastic insert to give it a sense of realism.

What do you think of their new haul?

"Batman has plenty of foes that turn out to be friends and many more friends who turn out to be the exact opposite..."

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