A Smart Mouthed Merc & More DC Villains From Knight Models

October 17, 2014 by brennon

On top of the release of both Venom and Huntress Knight Models have also added Deadpool, Black Mask's Crew and Batgirl to the mix of Marvel and DC heroes!


First up we have this utterly amazing looking Deadpool. We go on about the quality of the Knight Models sculpts a lot and sometimes they miss the mark but I think they have outdone themselves when it comes to the smart mouthed mercenary that is Wade Wilson. He may have an epic case of 'foot on rock' syndrome but he is very, very cool. I wonder if he knows he is a miniature?

Black Mask Crew


Boosting the number of bad guys that Bruce Wayne is going to have to deal with Knight Models have also added Black Mask and his crew to the gallery of villains. The rather smartly dressed and deadly assassin has been done in the style of his Arkham City incarnation. Following on from him there's also a helpful hand in the form of the awesome looking Batgirl too.

A big triple whammy of awesome releases from Knight Models this time around!

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