Venom & Huntress Miniatures Next Up For Knight Models!

October 15, 2014 by brennon

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Knight Models have shown off images (rather small images annoyingly) of both the Venom sculpt and also Huntress for their DC line-up. See what you think of these new comic offerings...


First up we'll take a look at the Venom sculpt that is very in keeping with the artwork we saw before. Thinking about it now though I think maybe the one hand might look a bit comically huge and maybe a leaner looking Venom could have been the right direction. The tongue is rather awesome though.


Holding up the DC side of things we have the coming of Huntress. Admittedly I didn't know much about her (like most DC villains) so I went and did a bit of digging. She'd had quite the history and a few different 'forms' while also being considered both violent and unpredictable by Batman. Nightwing even had a bit of a fling with her! Apparently she was even part of the Justice League for a time before she nearly killed someone.

I think of the two Huntress is certainly the better sculpt but maybe it's just the painting on Venom that makes him look a little too comical for my liking.

What do you think?

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