Knights Of Ren: Ep 2/08 – You Can’t Be So Stupid As To Think This Will Be Easy

February 21, 2017 by crew

Our transmissions have been intercepted by a Jedi by the name of DHaus. This week we sit down with DHaus from the Jedi Trials Podcast and discuss a new ePhasma/Trooper/Nightsister list that DHaus also runs a variant of.

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Jay covers ahis local tournament testing, deck matchups as well as a full breakdown with card analysis for both the good and bad matchups.

We also discuss a few cards we think will see more play/value once the new Spirit of Rebellion set launches.

As always check out Severn Gaming Network for more Star Wars: Destiny video content and a big thank you to all our Patreons for making this show happen and keeping the Jedi scum in check.

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