Knuckleduster Miniatures Previews New Digital Sculpting

July 2, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Knuckleduster Miniatures is one of my favorite smaller miniatures companies and Forrest Harris the mastermind behind the beautiful Western miniatures. He  has announced a new process that he is using, in which he designs his miniatures with a program called Zbrush.

OK Corral Bad Guy

Shotgun Messenger

He first comes up with the digital "green WIP" and then this goes to a print in which a mold is created. This in turn gives you a highly detailed metal miniature.

Bucktooth Billy

I have to say the process is quite interesting and has some serious promise as much as I love metal minis the detail does get lost in translation at times. We spoke to Forrest at this years Adepticon and he had hinted about this process. I cannot wait to see some actual miniatures for myself to truly see the results of this process.

Do you think digital will totally replace hand sculptures?

"Forrest Harris the mastermind behind the beautiful Western miniatures..."

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