Knuckleduster Miniatures Stop for a Game of Poker

May 15, 2015 by dracs

Knuckleduster Miniatures have come out with a a small vignette piece that will let you play your wild west game around some wild west blokes playing a game.

Poker Set

This small diorama piece brings us a scene straight out of a western, with four cowboys gathered around for a game of poker. Any minute now someone is going to be accused of cheating. I didn't know you were the Sundance Kid.

I love little set pieces like these. Place them on a table and they add immediate life and character to the setting. Since I have been playing a lot of Legends of the Old West lately, I am particularly taken with this and would love to see it in our local saloon.

Do you like including pieces like Knuckleduster's Poker Set on your table?

"I didn't know you were the Sundance Kid."

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