Knuckleduster’s Old West Gains Some Townsfolk & Gunfighters

September 21, 2015 by brennon

Knuckleduster Miniatures have added some new Townsfolk and Gunfighters to their Wild West range standing at around 32mm (heroic 28mm). You could create some really fun scenarios with their new characters so start thinking...


Heading up the Townsfolks they have the rather jovial and clearly scam-happy Carpetbagger. If you've played Red Dead Redemption then you'll imagine him doing a similar job to Nigel West Dickens...

Carpet Bagger

He certainly looks like he's done well for himself off the misfortune of others. Two of the fine folk that he might have met are Sally and Swede who you can both see below.



I could readily imagine them as a pair of onlookers who get caught up in the middle of a gang of angry punters who are ready to lynch the Carpetbagger for all he's worth.


Not all gunslingers have to be cowboys or bounty hunters. Sometimes things get a little bit dangerous in the saloon and the bar keep will have to bring his shotgun out from behind the bar. Meet Bob The Bartender...

Bob The Bartender

Maybe a full blown bar fight has broken out and Bob is trying to keep them away from his precious liquor. No town in the Wild West could last very long without a good supply of alcohol!

Keeping the town safe is another character, Honest John the Sheriff...

Honest John

Now he is worth adding to your collection as someone to hold off the steady stream of bandits that are most likely going to be riding into town. You might see a bit of a resemblance to John Wayne and I don't think that's an accident.

What do you think of their new range?

"No town in the Wild West could last very long without a good supply of alcohol!"

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