A New Demon Bends The Fate Of Kromlech

January 31, 2017 by dracs

Kromlech have summoned up a mighty new demon, one who possesses forbidden knowledge of the fates; F'aa'thum, Greater Stygian Demon of Fate.

F AA Thum

F AA Thum Full

"For those who seeks ultimate knowledge, this Demon is a legend. Once an ordinary human, a scholar turned into chaotic monstrosity. A prize or a curse?

Demon with two faces and multiple personalities. Some call him Twin of Fate. A lesson for those who dig to deep where one should not but at the same time a fate of one's dreams."

F AA Thum Scale

F AA Thum Back

This demon is a rather gribbly take on a master of the fates, with the very skin looking like it's writhing with magic. It would make a cool centre piece and I would especially like to see it painted up.

Do you dare summon this F'aa'thum?

"Its very skin looks like it's writhing with magic..."

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