Don Your Flight Goggles and Check Out Kromlech’s Pilot Bust

October 29, 2014 by dracs

Apparently this November we can expect to see a couple of new goodies from Kromlech, one of which will be their first ever bust, a close up sculpt of their orc pilot's visage.

Pilot Bust

This sculpt was recently painted up by Lukasz of Fantasygames, who won the bust before its release for his entry to Hussar 2014 and as you can see he has done a superb job.

The bust itself presents us with even more detail than the original pilot model did, with a greater sense of texture on display. Busts are a great way to enhance an existing sculpt and Kromlech have definitely achieved this. Given how unique a lot of their orc characters are, I look forward to seeing what other busts they will release in the future.

Do you ever collect busts? Think you'll pick up this pilot?

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