Kromlech Take You To A Barren Desert Landscape

April 23, 2013 by brennon

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Kromlech seem to have been exploring the vast deserts of some fantasy world with their latest release. Check out their Beast Skulls & Bones for decorating bases. Oh and in true Kromlech style they also have a bunch  of Soviet Orc Heads too...

Kromlech Beast Skulls & Bones

First up are the basing materials that have a selection of interesting pieces to look at. The main selection seems to be a series of bovine skulls for your typical Wild West style experience but it's topped off with some large humanoid skulls and a massive Dragon jaw jutting up from near that rock.

Kromlech Orc Soviet Heads

On the Orc front (and it wouldn't be a Kromlech release without something Orc-ish) the Soviet Orc Heads have finally been released. As always they have the familiar mutated and somewhat dumbfounded look about them but with an air of menace. They might look stupid but they can still shoot you.

Will you be basing or maybe adding some new heads to your Orcs?

Let me know!

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