Kromlech Bring Us a True Heroine of the Imperial Forces

December 2, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech have put out a preview showing a new character model that they describe as a "heroine of the imperial forces who will stand against any odds."

Heroine of Imperial Forces

This is definitely a bit of a departure from Kromlech's past orc and human releases. Then again most of the previous Imperials Kromlech have released were highlanders, so I guess the length of her skirt matches her with the rest of the force.

There can be no doubt that this figure will stand out on the battlefield among her fellow soldiers. We can't get a very good impression from this photo, but there is a good level of detail on the sculpt, though her clothing makes me think someone armoured a cheerleader.

Would this heroine be an inspiring presence for your troops?

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