Kromlech Dip Into The Spawning Pool For Their Morbid Fiend

September 26, 2013 by brennon

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Kromlech have proved some of you guys right when you guessed that it was going to be a Morbid Spawn! See what you think of this monster flailing about in the stinking swamps.

Morbid Spawn (Front)

Morbid Spawn (Unpainted)

Morbid Spawn (Rear)

This one is quite the interesting beast but I'm not entirely sold on this one as an immediate must have. Something about it is a little off (and not in the good way) but I'm sure others are very excited about it.

I think it has a comic book-ish look to the sculpt that would put it in a skirmish game or role-play but I don't see it fitting into my Chaos Space Marine force for example. I think this one is just down to personal taste.

Is this the gribbly beast for you?

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