Kromlech Give Their Armoured Orcs Some SMG’s

November 2, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech's armoured orcs have been given a bit more fire power as they release a squad of them armed with SMG's.

Armoured Orc SMG Squad

This squad is made up of twenty nine orcs in heavy armour and geared up with SMG's, led by Kromlech's orc commander Snagrat Kromm.


SMG Orc Unpainted

We have seen Kromlech's heavy armoured orcs in the past and the resin models are the perfect alternative models with which to build an elite fore of greenskin soldiers. This new unit with their SMG's will be able to lay down some serious fire power, while also being able to hold off against whatever the enemy throws at them.

Do you like the miniatures Kromlech come out with for their orcs? Will this SMG squad be a useful addition to the army?

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