Kromlech Head to Russia & Deep Into The Woods

November 13, 2012 by brennon

Kromlech are back with a whole bunch of new bitz for your miniatures. First up are these new Orc heads with a Soviet feel to them. Will you be making your Orcs feel a little more snug with these Budenovkas?

Orc Heads in Budenovkas

I could see these on the heads of some biker boy Orcs riding ahead of the main horde. Has the same quality that you've come to expect from Kromlech and its always nice to see these bitz painted.

Tree StumpsThere's also this new set of Tree Stumps for use with your basing. You could have these added to things like Wood Elves to show them wandering about the woods, or maybe with something a bit darker like Night Goblins, making the mushrooms on the bark the main feature!

Do you think you'll be picking these up?

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