Kromlech Take Their Orc Korp To Darkest Afrika

January 16, 2013 by brennon

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Kromlech are back on the greenskin path with their newest set of torsos. Check out the Kromlech Orc Afrika Korp set below which should be perfect if you're heading to the sunny climbs of the sub-continent...

Afrika Korps Torso (Front)

Afrika Korps Torso (Rear)

It's always a neat idea to have a variation in the look of your Orcs, especially since they are usually meant to be a massive horde. It would be fun to do a selection of different themed squads that look like they have all come together under one warlord.

Simple and effective torsos from Kromlech once more that should be easy to use in customising your force.

What do you think?

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