Kromlech Help Some Orcs Avoid The Stink With Gas Masks

November 5, 2013 by brennon

Kromlech have been showing off some more smart greenskins who have found themselves some Gas Masks in an effort to stave off those nasty toxins sent by the enemy and of course their own farts; they must be toxic!

Orcs In Gasmasks #1

Orcs In Gasmasks #2

I'm not entirely sure that some of these are going to work as intended but as the folks at Kromlech point out, it makes the Orcs happy so that's all good!

I think these would be pretty cool for a squad of Orcs that hang out behind enemy lines or maybe just apply them to your whole army and say they come from some sulfurous planet that stinks to high heaven.

Some funny additions to your Orc army!

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