Kromlech Reveal Their Clanking Ork Creations!

February 12, 2013 by brennon

So yesterday we had a sneak peek at what was coming from Kromlech when it came to Orks. Well, late last night they revealed one of the three big mechs which you can see below. It looks titanic!

Ork Mech

Ork Mech Gun

Now that's one seriously awesome looking miniature with so much going on it's hard to see what's what! I love the big bulky nature of the beast and the cybernetically enhanced Ork piloting it. This truly would be an awesome addition to an Ork horde.

It will be great to see what people do when they paint these, and of course there are still two more to go for this range.

What do you think of this hulking brute?

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