Kromlech Show Their New Year’s Resolution

December 31, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech have had a very good year, with some fantastic miniature releases gracing our table, and it looks like they are gearing up to come out with a ton of even more interesting stuff in 2015.

Kromlech New Year Plans

There are all manner of cool things to see in this preview. There are new weapon sculpts, vehicle and daemon concept sketches and, of course, a few new greenskins thrown in.

What has me most excited is that a couple of these look to me to promise the appearance of scifi dwarfs from Kromlech.

Dwarf Snipers

At least I think that's what they are. In which case could we be seeing the appearance of all new races from Kromlech for the future?

Is there anything here that catches your eye in particular?

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