Kromlech’s New Armoured Greatcoats Protect Orcs in Style

February 8, 2015 by dracs

Kromlech have a new miniature accessory coming out soon to keep your orcs safe and stylish; Orc Armoured Greatcoat Bodies.

Armoured Greatcoat Body

I have said it before, no matter what it is it will look one hundred times more badass with the addition of a greatcoat. These new bodies take this a step further with the addition of some bolted on armour. It's the orcish equivalent of a kevlar vest and will help to separate the elite greenskins from the rest of your greatcoat clad force.

Do you like Kromlech's orc accessories? What do you think of the prospect of these new models?

"It's the orcish equivalent of a kevlar vest"

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