Kromlech’s Greatcoated Orcs Are Led By A Greater General

September 29, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech recently reached 5000 likes on their Facebook page and to celebrate they gave away a model which has yet to see release, the Orc Greatcoats General!

Greatcoat General

This might just be my all time favourite orc character model. Usually, when we get orc leaders they are massively muscled brutes. Well this guy is certainly massive, but not in the usual way.

There is so much character going on with this sculpt, from his great jowls and cheery thumb-up, to his ridiculously oversized prosthetic limb. I would definitely pick this guy to lead my greenskin horde.

Greatcoats General 5000 Likes

What are your thoughts on Kromlech's example of the orc higher-ups?

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