Kromlech’s Inquisitor Ingrid is Released to Hunt Heretics

December 19, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech recently published a picture showing a couple of greens that they promised to be a true hero of humanity. Little did we suspect that it was the Inquisition!

Inquisitor Ingrid von Schwarzheim

Sculpted with one foot on the body of a defeated mutant, Inquisitor Ingrid von Schwarzheim is a no nonsense hunter of all that threatens mankind's future, be they heretic, mutant or strange green furry thing from Alpha Centauri.

Inquisitor Ingrid Back

Kromlech have once again come out with an amazingly well detailed sculpt, featuring a ton of character ranging from the ornate style of her armour to the determined set of her facial expression.

However, while her armour features some very cool designs, its skimpy nature nonetheless makes her a little difficult to take seriously, especially the way her top half looks well dressed and protective, right up until you reach her stomach.

Will Kromlech's Inquisitor come seeking heretics on your tabletop?

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