Kromlech’s Juggernauts Rip and Krash With New Weapon Options

September 19, 2014 by dracs

Kromlech have come up with some new goodies for their awesome Orc Juggernauts, providing them with two new options for killin' puny humies.

Rippa Buzzsaws and Krush Rokkets

First, to cause a bit of mayhem from a difference, the Juggernauts can now bring some mighty Krash Rokkets with them.

Krash Rokket

Juggernaut with Krash Rokket

As their name might suggest, the Krash Rokkets are likely to cause quite a bit of destruction and mayhem and they certainly look like the height of orc technology, with bits sticking out everywhere, yet still somehow being functional.

Of course, the real orc enjoys getting up close to his enemies, where he will have the chance to use his brand new Rippa Mega Buzzsaws.

Rippa Mega Buzzsaws

Juggernaut with Rippa Mega Buzzsaws

With the enhanced muscle power of a Juggernaut clad orc behind them, these buzzsaws look like they could cut through pretty much anything, be it a tank hull or your face.

Kromlech also have a couple of new enclosed head options for the Juggernaut orcs, giving them a bit more armour on top of everything else.

Juggernaut Enclosed Head Options

All these new options look incredibly detailed, as well as providing your Juggernauts with a couple of new options, whether you want these elite greenskins geared up for close combat or ranged mayhem.

Which do you prefer, close combat or range?

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