Kromlech’s Orc Incinerator Team Heats Things Up

July 6, 2016 by dracs

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There are few things a good orc likes more than a bit of pyromania and Kromlech's latest team of greenskin great-coated specialists are ready to set the battle field on fire.

Orc Incinerator Team

Armed with various kinds of flamers, grenades, molotovs and, of course, some extra fuel just in case, these orcs will leave the enemy feeling rather more than just toasty.

Kromlech have done an excellent job at giving their orcs a sense of individuality. This set comes with five different great coat bodies specific to the team, along with various bits, pieces and head options, letting you form the perfect set of green skinned fire freaks.

Tell us what you think of Kromlech's latest orcs.

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