Kromlech’s Orcs Go Tank Hunting

June 11, 2014 by dracs

It's fairly safe to say that orcs love things that go boom, especially if that thing can make the enemy tank explode too. Hence why Kromlech's Orc Tank Hunter Squad has brought plenty of fun explosives with them.

Orc Tank Hunters

These orcs come with their very own take on the Panzerfaust, as well as plenty of grenades to get the job done.

Kromlech Orc Panzerfaust

Kromlech Orc Grenade

Of course, these aren't the only weapons of destruction they have with them as they also trundle out their remote control Goliath mines.

We have seen these models before, but now with the possibility of bringing in a whole unit of Kromlech's tank hunter we should see some fantastic greenskin carnage going on. I particularly love the Goliath Mines, there is something particularly orcy about their designs.

Are you planning on taking these tank hunters along?

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